Why OutAssist?

There are many micro-job and outsourcing sites out there, however it's a painful expeciance at times, finding the right person, go through countless quotes, missed deadlines and when you do find a good outsourced support employee, they sometimes get employed and are no longer available. Thats where we're different: We employ our skilled staff full time and run our business for sustainability, this mean you don't have to micro manage or setup your own employees for tax. You have one consistent point of contact within our organisation. Piece of mind and no worries about employees, employment or downsizing.

Outsourced Projects Large and Small

We welcome all enquiries! No job is too small. Larger jobs: We'll give you accurate deadlines and pricing to suit your budget.

Always here.

We know whats it's like to not get hold of a supplier when you need them! Thats why we try harder; with 3 avenues of contact and 2 geo-separate offices within South Africa. We aim to be your admin assistant and to have you concentrating on the more important aspect of your business: Growth!

What we do.

We have a large skill set within our organisation: Web admin and design, Staffing monitoring, Sales systems, ERP CRM, Bulk Mail, Spam mitigation, Support ticket monitoring, Virtual Assistant (VPBX, and custom on hold greetings), Voice overs, Audio engineering and mixing, Transcripting, Social media, Online marketing: adwords, Custom company systems (PHP, MySQL, Java) and General business assistance.

Who We Are

A dedicated team of friendly, respectful staff.

You'll be hard pressed to find staff who are more dedicated and reliable than us! Our focus is to make your life easier and your business more fun to run. Let us do the 'schlep' work. You do what makes you want to get up in the morning!

What We Do

Our Service offering includes

  • Remote secretary: Anything you need: from Email to Switchboard
  • Professional customer support and sales over email, phone and live chat.
  • Website updates and design.
  • Social media monitoring and responses.
  • Online marketing : Adwords, keywords, websites, blog write ups, SEO
  • General admin and 'virtual' assistant.

How we work.

How to get started: it's easy!

  • Submit your work HERE

    We'll go through your requirements and quote on the job. Quotes normally take 1 working day to get back to you.
  • Give us the go ahead

    Your First 30 minutes of work free for new customers, try before you commit.
  • Sit back, take a deep breath.

    And relax, we've got your back.