Help Desk

At OutAssist we offer consistent, high quality IT help desk outsourcing service. We will be able to monitor tickets on your system, or set up a system for you, to monitor tickets, without the high costs associated with providing in-house help-desk services. Your outsourced help desk will give you the freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees or customers a pleasant, satisfying help desk experience. You can use us to be the first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle technical issues, resolve problems, and escalate those things that can’t be resolved at the help desk. Our staff are highly skilled to handle any issue thrown at them. You have the choice, we can either run the help desk for you or be an accompaniment to your own staff. 

  • Cpanel Support
  • Hosting Support
  • Product Enquiries
  • Sales
  • Account Queries ( Billing system dependant )